About Us

  • Nodal EPC for Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFPs) and their value added variants
  • Other Major Product Groups include Guar Gum and Sesame seeds
  • 860 Individual Products
  • Rs 13655 Crs of  Exports in 2011-12
  • Membership base of 676 active exporters
  • A direct contributor to weaker sections of society – tribal women, marginal cultivators, economically challenged population from the North East, arid areas, etc.



SHEFEXIL is run by a tri-directional mission to:

• Strengthen plans and initiatives for exports of Non Timber Forest Produces

• Maximize India’s export potential through collective action

• Assist the members of the Council to boost exports and discharge their responsibilities and obligations under Foreign Trade Policy



• To realize the full potential of India’s Non Timber Forest Produce exports through collective action.

• To create a global brand for Indian Non Timber Forest Produces

• To conceptualize plans and initiatives for Exports of Non Timber Forest Produces

• To turn exports of Non Timber Forest Produces as a tool for improving the lives of the poorer section of the population and develop the economically weaker sections of the society

• Boosting employment oriented Non Timber Forest Produce exports and ensuring infrastructure development in rural/ tribal areas

• To strengthen plans and initiatives for exports of Non Timber Forest Produces

Strategic Initiatives

SHEFEXIL proposes the Strategic Initiatives below for NTFPs and their variants, Guar Gum and Sesame Seeds:

Strategy 1:  Achieving desired Market Share in Focus countries – USA, Germany, UK, Japan, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Egypt – currently accounting for 60%.

Strategy 2:  Establish Vertical linkages to scale of Productivity, improve Quality, Consistency and Competitive edge to propel India’s exports.

Focus Products identified – Non Timber Forest Produces (NTFPs) & their variants, Guar Gum and Sesame Seeds currently accounting for 80%.

Strategy 3: Focus of value additions through Product Development and Application Research.

Strategy 4: Development of Brand India for sustainable Market impact.

Strategy 5: Evolve an Inclusive Growth model to partner rural poor.

Our strategic plans convey our commitment to the twin objectives of Export Enhancement with concomitant Employment Generation.

Shefexil's Overall Export Performance

SHEFEXIL’s North-East Mandate

SHEFEXIL is a direct contributor to economically challenged sections of 

Society – tribal women, marginal cultivators, economically challenged population from the North East, arid areas, etc. SHEFEXIL is active with a multifaceted role to…

  • Grant RCMC to Multi-product Exporters having Head office or  Registered office in the North-East Region
  • Oversee Exports from the North-East Region
  • Organize Export Promotion
  • Activities to boost Exports from the North-East Region
  • Undertake Developmental Activities to enhance Exports from the North-East Region
  • Highlight all constraints and barriers to enhance Exports from North-East Region to all policy making bodies
  • Contribute towards policy making at the National level on all matters relating to unlocking the potential of the North-East Region.

North -East Region is a paradise waiting to be touched by prosperity.  North-East is richly endowed with forest products, and Shefexil and North-East have a symbiotic relationship to offer excellent potential for Exports of Minor Forest Produce. With 98% of its borders forming India‘s international boundaries with China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan,  it has strong potential to become an International Market Base. North-East India is also poised to convert into a strategic base for foreign & domestic investors to tap the vast contiguous markets of S.E. Asia & East Asia – China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia & other far East Asian countries.