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assam-district-mapAssam – At a glance

Area :78,438 km2
Population : 3.12 crores (2011 Census)
Official language(s): Assamese, Bodo, Karbi
Literacy Rate: 73.18% (2011 census)
International Border : Bhutan in the North, Bangladesh in the West & South
Capital : Dispur
Major cities: Guwahati and Dibrugarh. Tezpur, Silchar,Tinsukia, Jorhat are smaller towns.
Airport & Railway Head:  Guwahati


Economy: Predominantly agricultural. The principal food crops produced are rice (paddy), maize (corn), pulses, potato, wheat, etc., while the principal cash crops are tea, jute, oilseeds, sugarcane, cotton, and tobacco.

Important industries:  Tea, coal, matches, plywood, sugar, fertilizer, jute, textiles, petroleum
crude, oil refinery products, wheat flour, paper, cement, plywood, match and paper pulp industries
GDP:  115,408 ( in Crores of Rupees)
Important Resources: The State is rich in natural resources like oil and natural gas, coal, rubber, tea and some minerals like granite, limestone and kaolin. Forest resources are about 25% of the state’s land area; main products are: timber, bamboo, cane.


  • Vast natural resources such as oil, natural gas and minerals, hydro energy, diverse agro-climatic zones, forest resources and medicinal plants
  • Liberal Industrial Policy
  • Special tax incentives for Export Oriented Units (EOUs)
  • Its geographical location is advantageous for foreign trade with neighboring countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, China etc.
  • Assam is poised to have surplus quality power in the near future through the National Power Grid which is in advanced stage of implementation
  • The river Brahmaputra is the National Waterway No.2 of the country
  • The Rs. 5460 crores Assam Gas Cracker Project with joint venture of GAIL, NRL, OIL, and Govt. of Assam which is scheduled to be complete within 2012 will generate lot of investment opportunities for polymer based industries and engineering industries in petro chemical sector
  • Strong language and communication skills, since English is a widely spoken language in the region.

Export prospects of Assam: 
  • Textiles
  • Minerals
  • Cereals
  • Medicinal herbs and plants
  • Assam Lemon & Hatkora



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